İngilizce Türkçe

Turkey is now producing copper mould!

Dependence on copper mould on the Turkish Iron and Steel Industry is now coming to an end. Turkbakir production facility was established in Izmir, Turkey for the purpose of producing high-quality, high-performing copper moulds. Türkbakır (TCI), now offers European-quality copper moulds for more affordable prices for Turkey and neighboring countries. Many local and neighbouring countries are taking advantage of fast delivery and superior quality of TCI copper moulds.

Why TürkBakır?

Reasons to choose Turkbakir

  • Rapid Manufacturing: production time is 3 weeks
  • Fast Delivery: Geographically advantaged factory, reaches a maximum delivery within a few days. (Not 1-2 months)
  • Quality Control: Each process is monitored to reach superior quality
  • Customer Service: Responding and trained customer service with superior solution offering approach
  • Mold Repairs: refurbishing and reusing copper moulds to save up to 40% on copper mould costs


Turkish Copper Industries

Turkbakir a.k.a. Turkish Copper Industries or TCI was established in Izmir, Turkey and produces copper mould tubes and related equipments and consumables for iron and steel industry. Using advanced manufacturing and repair our methods ofor high quality copper moulds. Türkbakır, now exports to 21 countries its quality TCI brand and TCI has become a globally recognized brand, in fairly short time. Thank you all Turkish companies who support us in this success.